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Welcome to the Olive French Loyalty Club!

(how to sign up below)

I am going to be 100% transparent right now- I need YOU, my loyal customers to be my Olive French brand ambassadors.

First- we have a NEW loyalty program that pays you in O.F. Babe Bucks to do what you already do. All you have to do is sign up. Click the following tabs when they pop up!

On your desktop you will see this:

On your phone you will see this:

You can get points for:

  • shopping (duh)
  • following us on Instagram (works even if you already follow, just click the link)
  • liking us on Facebook
  • celebrating a birthday (that's pretty easy)

You can redeem points for:

  • $$ off your order
  • Discount codes (which can add up in bigger orders)

Okay, now that you've done it- here is why I need you. (You know me, I have a story for everything.)

     As a small business owner who is also a millennial, when researching a good chunk of my customers, I am really researching myself. We have been bombarded with ads our whole lives. It gets to a point that we're either immune to them, or skeptical to say the least.

     In a world of paid brand ambassadors, the motives of sharing a new product or brand can become diluted. I mean, if Kim K. is using something on IG, I most likely can't afford it or I am aware that she got paid 3 billion dollars to hold the product.

     What I'm trying to get at is this- I go to my friends first for recommendations. If my best friend tells me she loves a store, I'm much more likely to shop there than if Kim K. tells me to shop there.

     Here's just a little hypothetical story: Say I see my bff Emily in a bomb bodysuit (that she got at Olive French Boutique)...

          A.) She most likely didn't get paid to wear that bodysuit... and she probably spent her own money on it. 

          B.) She isn't getting paid to advertise Olive French in said bodysuit- she just happens to be wearing it and also looks fabulous in it.

     So with all that being said- if you've already made the decision to shop at Olive French Boutique (without Kim K. telling you to shop here)- I thank you, and I also want you to know that YOU are the BEST brand ambassador I could ask for. I am so lucky that so many of you already use Word Of Mouth to share my store- without me asking. Now, you can get rewarded for what you already do.

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