How to sign up: 

On your desktop you will see this:

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FAQ, Common terms, How to Earn & Redeem:

  • O.F. Babe Bucks: your points that you've accumulated.
  • Earning O.F. Babe Bucks: 
    • You earn 5 O.F. Babe Bucks for every $1 spent at
    • You earn 200 O.F. Babe Bucks for signing up.
    • You earn 50 O.F. Babe Bucks for liking us on Facebook. 
    • You earn 200 O.F. Babe Bucks for following us on Instagram.
    • You earn 200 O.F. Babe Bucks when you celebrate a birthday.
  • Redeeming O.F. Babe Bucks:
    • 100 O.F. Babe Bucks = $1 off your order
    • 1000 O.F. Babe Bucks = Discount code for 10% off your order
    • 2000 O.F. Babe Bucks = Discount code for 15% off your order
  • Q: Can I put my points back in my "bank" after redeeming them for a dollar amount or a discount code?
    • A: Once you redeem them, you can not put them back in your "bank". So try to be sure that you want to use them as "bucks" or a "discount code". However, your "bucks" & "discount codes" do not expire, so if you don't end up placing an order, you can save them for another time. 
  • Q: I shopped at Olive French before I joined the Loyalty Club. Do I get any points for previous purchases?
    • A: YES! Just email us at, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We can look up your past purchases and add your points. 
  • Q: What's the difference between having an "account" and being signed up for the loyalty club?
    • A: Having an "account" goes hand in hand with our Loyalty Club. Your "account" shows your past orders as well. You must be signed into your Loyalty Club Tab to access the loyalty club & to see your points. You do NOT need to be signed into the Loyalty Club Tab to see your past orders. 
  • Q: I'm logged into my account but can't find my Loyalty Club information
    • A: Once you are logged into your account, click the GOLD LOYALTY CLUB TAB at the bottom right of your screen/ phone. It will either look like a CROWN , or say LOYALTY CLUB.

If you just signed up and want us to add any previous points, fill out the form below.