How to sign up: 

On your desktop you will see this:

On your phone you will see this:

Click the gold tab, and sign up! It's that easy. 

FAQ, Common terms, How to Earn & Redeem:

  • O.F. Babe Bucks: your points that you've accumulated.
  • Earning O.F. Babe Bucks: 
    • You earn 5 O.F. Babe Bucks for every $1 spent at
    • You earn 200 O.F. Babe Bucks for signing up.
    • You earn 50 O.F. Babe Bucks for liking us on Facebook. 
    • You earn 200 O.F. Babe Bucks for following us on Instagram.
    • You earn 200 O.F. Babe Bucks when you celebrate a birthday.
    • Referrals: You have your own personal referral link. Every time you refer a friend and they end up shopping at (through your link) YOU BOTH earn $5!
  • Redeeming O.F. Babe Bucks:
    • 100 O.F. Babe Bucks = $1 off your order
    • 1000 O.F. Babe Bucks = Discount code for 10% off your order
    • 2000 O.F. Babe Bucks = Discount code for 15% off your order
  • Q: Can I put my points back in my "bank" after redeeming them for a dollar amount or a discount code?
    • A: Once you redeem them, you can not put them back in your "bank". So try to be sure that you want to use them as "bucks" or a "discount code". However, your "bucks" & "discount codes" do not expire, so if you don't end up placing an order, you can save them for another time. 
    • Q: What's the difference between having an "account" and being signed up for the loyalty club?
      • A: Having an "account" on is not the same as being part of the loyalty club.
      • Your "account" shows your past orders and keeps your shipping info.
      • You do not need to have a website account to be a part of the loyalty club.
    • Q: I can't find my Loyalty Club information
      • On our website, click the GOLD LOYALTY CLUB TAB at the bottom right of your screen/ phone. It will either look like a CROWN , or say LOYALTY CLUB. Log in, and you can access your info.