Re: Discounts/ Discount Codes: 

Q: Can I get money back for items I purchased at full price that are now on sale?

A: Sorry, we do not refund or change prices. What you pay at the time is the valid price, even if an item is lowered at a later date. 

Q: Why can't I use multiple discount codes at the same time?

A: At this time, our web store does not allow multiple discount codes to be used at the same time. A way to use multiple codes is to place your orders separately. If multiple orders are placed on the same day by the same person, they will be shipped together in the same package. 

Q: I forgot to use my discount code- can you apply it retroactively to my past order? 

A: Sorry, we cannot apply discount codes or "refund" orders that have already been placed. Please use the code on your next order. 

Re: Out Of Stock Items

Q: What can I do if an item I want is out of stock in my size? 

A: At this time, since our store is still small and growing- we highly suggest purchasing items you love as soon as you see them. We have very limited quantities of each item in store. However, if you do see an item that is out of stock in your size, we encourage you to email Britt at or DM us on instagram @shopolivefrench. We always keep a running list of customer requests so that if we do happen to restock, you will be notified first. 

Re: Shipping policy

Please see our Shipping, Order Processing & Shipment FAQs here

Re: Returns

Please see our return policy here

Please see our Contact Page here