Do you have a full closet but consistently have nothing to wear? Do you keep buying things you think are cute on the rack, but then have no idea how to style them when you get home? Do you find yourself giving up when getting ready to go out and reverting back to the same outfit every time?

Let’s get your style confidence back. 

You are a real person. You need a stylist that is (1) honest, (2) educated & (3) experienced -to help you out of your style rut. 

We can fix this. Here is how: 

  1. First we will identify the main problems. Is it confidence in your choices? The way items are fitting you? Are you out of touch with current styles? This is done through a quick but concise questionnaire & open discussion- let’s get to the root problem here! 
  2. Go through your closet & remove the items that make you feel bad, and eventually replace them with items that make you feel good. Simple, right? Once you have a closet full of items that make you feel great, it removes the anxiety of picking out the right outfit for each occasion.
  3. FIX the identified problems. (I am confident I can do this for you!) I’ll give you specific choices of items that look amazing on you. Let’s figure out what your signature style is, whether it be through your signature fit, or overall vibe. With these tools you will learn what items will work for you in the future. 
  4. Continued support. You gain Britt as a stylist- once we get to know each other, you can send me pictures, ask me my opinion on outfits, text me, whatever you’re comfortable with! You’ll gain that reassurance and the honest opinion that friends & family don’t always give. 

What is included in the Olive French Style Audit Package:

    • Pre-audit questionnaire (30-45 min) & prep work
      • I ask important questions to figure out how and why you got into your style rut, get to know you as a person, and begin a vision board for your upgraded style before we even meet in person.
    • In person client discussion (30 min)-
      • We discuss your questionnaire & hone in on or develop your signature style & what looks best on your body, and begin to decide what tools you will need to do this on your own in the future.
    • One closet clear out (1-2 hours)- Remove the bad juju (or focus in on what's amazing!)
    • Styling Roadmap: A summary of our audit that is specific to each client- may include a shopping list, a mood board, some outfit examples, and your specific plans to keep you out of your style rut in the future. (Delivered within 4 days of your style audit).
    • Post Audit Debriefing: should you feel you need it, I'm happy to schedule a 15-20 min audit debriefing via zoom or Facetime, so we can go through the entire Style Roadmap together, and address any questions. 
    • Unlimited access to Britt for “tune ups”, questions, “yes or no's” for future buys. Pretty much I’m here as a stylist/ friend for you!

When all is said and done you will have developed your personal style. You will have a new confidence in yourself & your clothing. You will know what looks good on you & you will have the tools to get out of your style rut.  You will have identified your best features to flaunt, and have a new trusted stylist (& probably store too!) to go back to again and again. You're busy. Let's not waste any more time!

Olive French Style Audit Package Price: 

This price also includes all preliminary communication, prep work, questionnaires and travel time to and from Glastonbury, CT.

Package Price: $499

Payment option A: 

1. $125 downpayment  / due within 24 hours of choosing your time slot for your Style Audit appointment, in order to hold your date. Your Style Audit is not confirmed until payment is recieved.(Payable through online payment). 

2. $374 Balance Due- payment due before end of our in person meeting. (Payable online, cash or check). 

Payment option B: 


1. $125 downpayment due at the time we choose your Style Audit date (same as above), or also use Afterpay for this too, making 4 equal payments of $31.25

2. At the end of our meeting: 

Check out with your balance due with Afterpay to get 4 equal payments of $93.50

-First payment is due at time of checkout, then 3 more payments are automatically taken every 2 weeks through the Afterpay program at no additional cost. 

Who is Britt? Read my backstory here, to learn why I’m ready and able to help you! 

Client: Amanda Miller, Photographer: Tina Wesley @lfboudoir, Hair & Makeup: Nellie Marie @nelliemarieartistry


 Ready to go? I’m sure your schedule is tight -mine is too! I'm accepting only one to two clients per month. Let’s get a date on the calendar! 
**As of 5/6/2021 I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19. I will wear a mask upon request should clients feel more comfortable**