Olive French

A La Carte // In Person Closet Audit // Final Payment


This is for the clients who know they need an HONEST educated opinion, and maybe even a kick in the butt. 

This service is an in person closet edit for up to 2 hours, where I will go through your closet with you and let you know what you need to let go of, and (grab your notebook!) give an in person commentary on types of items you could/ should replace these items with. Whether it's out of style, not working for you specifically, or just in bad shape. 

This is for the client that may not need a full style audit- i.e.- not in a style rut, not looking to define their personal style- BUT definitely needs a fresh pair of eyes on their closet and a professional to get the ball rolling on your closet refresh. 

To discuss dates and book: please email olive@olivefrench.com or DM me on Instagram @shopolivefrench

*Payment is due at time of booking. Your date is not held until payment is received*. 

If you would like to book a Full Style Audit, click here

*Please note that discount codes are not accepted for this service. If a discount code is used, you will be refunded and asked to repurchase without the code*

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