Olive French

Closet Audit


This is for the clients who know they need an HONEST educated opinion, and maybe even a kick in the butt. 

This service is an in person closet audit for up to 2 hours (a portion of my Style Audit Service), where I will go through your closet with you and let you know what you need to let go of, and give an in person commentary on types of items you could/ should replace these items with. Whether it's out of style, not working for you specifically, or just in bad shape. 

This is for the client that may not need a full style audit- i.e.- not in a style rut, not looking to define their personal style- BUT definitely needs a fresh pair of eyes on their closet. 

As this is a portion of my full Style Audit- this service does not include an in depth shopping list, style roadmap, or unlimited access to me for future styling.

To discuss dates and book: please email olive@olivefrench.com or DM me on Instagram @shopolivefrench

If you would like to book a full Style Audit, click here

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